Catatonic Struggle

February 12, 2008
Silent tides stung her cheeks,
Bruised with flushes of rose and peach,
Where fair complexion once peaked.
Another incidence.

Isolation regurgitated upon its victim
Back into the dark depths she shrieked,
After tasting the air that lay beyond the cave,
Causing the crave to grow evermore.

Beaten and battered, she clawed back into her grave,
Where barriers, hard and prickly, dominated once again.

Coldness foamed from her eyes,
Giving way to dark, desolate nights
And cheerless days.
Both blending into the other like black into black.

It was the battle, the everlasting incident.
So long wanting to stray from hiding,
But realizing, her oppressor would never set her free.
For her oppressor was indeed her hiding.

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