If the World was Crazy

February 12, 2008
By Max Luo, Livingston, NJ

If the world was crazy,
You know what I’d do?
I’d eat my sock,
And taste my shoe.

I’d have a slice,
Of exotic coat,
And a handful of
The book I wrote.

I’d wear my cereal,
Drive my pen,
Eat my backpack,
Put on my hen.

If the world was crazy,
I’d be the king,
Of all land,
And things with wings.

I’d be the king,
Of eagles and hawks
Of birds and cranes,
Of things that squawk.

I’d be able to fly,
To fly far away,
Away from the troubles,
Away from this day.

Away from the sorrow,
The sadness, the poor,
Away from the starving,
I know that for sure.

Away from the killing,
The countless murders each day;
The people that die,
The people they slay.

Away from corruption,
Away from the ones,
The ones that see you
And then use their gun.

They use their gun,
Because they hate,
The skin on our bodies,
The skin on our face.

But until then,
I’ll have to stay here,
I’ll have to be happy,
I’ll have to be cheer.

Up until then,
I’ll have to endure
Unless the world changes,
The world becomes pure.

For now I’ll just stay,
In my own little place,
A place where it’s good,
My own personal space.

I’ll just hide there till its over,
This confusion and war,
This violence and sadness,
This blood and gore.

If the world doesn’t change,
Who knows what we’ll do?
I’ll say once;
We better start over anew.

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