Pain is the Game we Playat Every Age

December 19, 2011
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Measured slight in the beginning,
both physically and emotionally,
but the most genuine.
It’s the tumble to the ground following a first step,
the plunge from the towering bicycle seat to the inferior ground.
It’s when you want to be held but you’re on the cold floor,
Or realize it’s impossible to communicate so tears flow.

Later, physical and emotion levels rise to possibly their highest,
But a sheet is simply thrown over them the easiest.
If you don’t have a shoulder to lean on, high school can murder.
The fall from a roof top because you were trying to act cool,
Or the uncontrollable pressure to drink and harm your body.
It’s the break up with your girlfriend because you wore your heart on your sleeve.
It’s the realization that you need to get yourself together or you might fail your English class.

Later, it’s okay to express both forms now that you have had practice and learned from mistakes.
BUT the expression isn’t the worry for yourself but for the others who mean everything to you.
When you get into that car wreck you cry because your child is hurt,
Not because your arm is broke.
It’s when you absorb ever hurt they won’t express because their prom date stood them up.

Finally, right before your time is up you look back and realize you haven’t been true,
True to yourself or others about how you feel.
Right before it’s over everything seems to hurt, you have cancer.
Still you don’t express the pain, when someone sympathizes for you, you tell them to stop.
You want them to express the pain they are feeling like you so wished you would have then.
A tear is shed when you have a death sentence, but you accept it and feel nothing as you are
ready to meet your maker and feel no pain.

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