Guitar Hero Poem

February 12, 2008
By Peter Fasteland, Hill City, MN

Don’t be lame and be a zero
Play the game and be a hero
You can start out on easy
The slow and cheesy
Then advance to medium
The fast but tedium
Once you’ve beat that
Go on to hard
Where your fingers advance to what seems to be a yard
But beware because it is still not the worst
Yet to come is expert the cursed
The final stage in this incredible game
Where only if you perform
To beat the storm
You’ll master this level
Like the Tasmanian Devil
To compete against friends
To beat all the trends
And still even yet
You can still sometime sweat
From the very worst of them all
HYPER-SPEED the squall

Once you’ve started
There’s no going back
To the life you once had
That was completely out of whack

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