the desert

December 18, 2011
By RebeccaReader PLATINUM, New York, New York
RebeccaReader PLATINUM, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,"

Imagine waking up to the scorching sun.
You open your eyes to a blinding flash of light.
Stinging your naked eyes like arrows
You shield your eyes
You open them slowly, carefully
Your fingertips feel the little pebbles of sand.
Their hard and rough texture make you feel sore, like you’ve layed on a board.
Your back is being baked
You feel pain of being scorched
You look around to see an endless sight of sand
Your mouth is dry as the sand at your feet.
The god doesn’t treat you with kindness
You start marching for miles
The god is watching, waiting for the right moment
Your feet feel the hot sand, and as you look back they disappear
The mountains of sand tumbles down and buries you with a lasting venges.
You walk on despite the thought of be tired
You walk with the sun beating down on you.
The sand like waves in the ocean of death.
Creatures that lay under this forbidding sands.
The sweat trickles down your face.
Your head becomes as light as the hot wind
Your thoughts start to jumble up like a ball of clay.
Your pace slows and you feel tired and famished.
Your stomach a ravenous empty abyss
Your knees buckle
The sand splashes on your face
You lift your head up to look out at the blinding sun and the sea of sand.
Then, your life passes in front of your eyes.
Your dreams and hopes.
Your thoughts and feelings.
Your life and how it’s been is slipping away from you
Then, all goes bleak.
Suddenly, you open my eyes to light and there is a face.
Your throat flows with water and your head feels awake.
You are saved! You are safe.
You will live another day, and life will embrace you

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