Should Have Called

February 12, 2008
When you told me you would call
I thought you would no questions to ask.
Then I waited for your call,
And wondered if it was just a mask.

The Next day I talked to you
And everything seemed fine.
I talked to you later that night,
And then you drew the line.

Once again you said you would call
And I don't know what I was thinking.
I actually believed you,
Then I started rethinking.

I looked at the clock,
it was half past eleven.
Then I heard the phone ring,
and fell right into heaven.

I checked the screen,
butterflies inside.
It was some other teen
I sat on my bed & cried.

I woke up the next morning
Figuring you just didn't care,
I checked my phone which was a warning
and then I started to stare.

I had one missed call
and it was you.
I started to fall
because you were true.

I really wanted to talk to you
so I was excited for school.
But when I arrived I should of knew
and not have been such a fool.

You were standing there
with her around your arm
seemed like you didn't care
and was using your charm.

You saw me look at you
And your smile faded.
My eyes started to water
I felt so degraded.

I turned and started to run
I heard you call my name.
Then I deffinitely knew
I was just a game.

I was almost out the doors
as you grabbed my arm.
You spun me around
And said I was all yours.

Then he pulled me closer
And gave me a kiss
I pushed him far away
I couldn't take this.

I headed to my car
as he chased me the whole way
He said she was just a friend
And they were on there way.

He promised it was nothing
And held my hand real tight.
I looked deep into his eyes
And everything felt right.

But I knew they were more than friends
And I couldn't get caught in his lie.
So I dropped his hand and said
I'm not a toy, good bye.

I jumped into my car
and he tried to stop me.
I knew I wouldn't get far
but I just had to flee.

I pulled over on the side of the road
and started to bawl.
I could feel my whole world spinning
and I really felt small.

The next day at school
I opened up my locker
There was a chain & a jewel
It was a shocker.

The note said it was from you
then I saw you headed towards me.
You looked at me you had no clue,
That in a minute you would plee.

I gave you a smile
And started to laugh.
I took the necklace
& broke it in half.

I shut my locker
He was lost in space.
The next thing he knew
was I slapped him in the face.

I turned and started to walk
Big smile on my face
People started to talk
And I was full of grace.

People were looking at him
as he started and crawled.
And now I think he knows,
That he should have called.

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