Forever Gone

February 12, 2008
There she is,
Crying on the floor,
Feeling like she’s dying,
Wishing for more,
Hoping he’ll stop yelling,
Waiting for him to leave,
Only she keeps thinking,
“Why won’t he just leave?”
Now he yells at their daughter,
“Go into the kitchen, please,
Get your mother some water”
It’s just her and him,
He’s just towering over her,
Why’s her life so grim?
He’s got their daughter,
But he needs a wife,
This little girl has water for her mother,
Now she’s crying because he yells,
Yells at her mommy,
Yells at her because she’s someone else’s wife,
Not part of his life,
Now she leaves,
Leaves her child,
Leaves their lives,
Forever gone,
Part of someone else’s life.

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