Nature Heals

February 11, 2008
Every single day,
she feels as if the world has stopped,
and everything is in slow motion,
out of all the notions,
she perceives,
the one that sticks out the most,
is that she's a void item,
reckless, careless,
begging for attention,
however, she remains unseen,
struggling in her minuscle bubble,
her vision becomes blurry,
the background noise invading her desperately,
finally a clearing,
she walks aside a waterfall,
through the gleaming water,
she sees,
the beginnings of an everlasting truth,
the wind blows,
the willow weeps,
her existence is permanent,
her soul can not be buried,
as she goes through her mind,
she realizes all the time,
she has lost,
all the time,
she has left,
she runs over the vibrant river,
on the moss covered rock bridge,
the stars above glittering,
she finds,
what she has been looking for,
his lustrous hair blocking his hazel eyes,
she puts her arms around the stable tower,
when he picks her up,
she's sure,
when he lowers,
she's honest,
in a bird's nest,
she sleeps,
preparing her self to fly.

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