I Am From...

February 11, 2008
Dining out in Boston with family and friends.
Mom’s homemade Vietnamese food, bursting with flavor and made with love.
Trying all kinds of unusual foods, like octopus, skate, and lamb.
I am from…
A home filled with pictures, each capturing an everlasting memory.
An English Tudor that I call my home, sweet home.
Souvenirs that are tokens of all the adventures I’ve experienced throughout my travels.
A dining table where my family and I enjoy a delicious meal and discuss the events of the day.
A cozy bed where I ponder, reminisce, and imagine minutes before I fall asleep.
I am from…
”Think before you speak.”
“Summer nights, city lights.”
“Live free, and dance the night away!”
The three words that I can’t live without: “I love you.”
I am from…
A street where houses are diverse, just like the people inside.
All the neighborhood dads competing for the best lawn.
A welcoming, caring community that is one enormous family.
I am from…
The Vietnamese heritage, and proud to be.
World travelers, who’ve seen the best and the worst.
Opinionated debaters, world class shoppers, and social butterflies.
I am from…
Dancing until I drop.
Reading until the sun comes up.
Talking until my phone bill exceeds its limit.
Shopping until my wallet is empty.
Making friends until I’ve met the whole school.
I am from…
A crazy, wise, and loving dad.
A mom who is trendy, understanding, and skillful.
Kim, my intelligent, outgoing, and gorgeous sister.
Individuals that complete me, and guide me throughout life.
People I love beyond compare, and love me back just the same.
I am from…my family.

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