The Artist

February 11, 2008
By Whitney Sha, Delray Beach, FL

Armed with my pens and pencils
Crayons and markers
Watercolors, oil pastels, acrylics
Charcoal and tempera
I set out on my journey
Into a different world
A world where the sky is brilliant shades of blue
All meshing together in a seamless patchwork
A world where flying horses stampede past
On wings of flame
Under a sizzling sun of cornflower yellow
With the grass like forest green carpet
Beneath my feet
A world where logic is overruled by color
And reason by pure possibility
Apples the size of soccer balls
Hang from giant trees with leaves of polka-dotted pink
Bubbling rivers in a shade of gold
Abound with leaping purple goldfish
A world where time has no jurisdiction
And limitations make no difference
A world where I can set my imagination free
To run wild
On silver breaths of wind
I pick up my pencil
And begin to draw

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