Lie Chasers

February 11, 2008
By Joanna Currey, Fairfax, VA

Running on and running on
Chasing for all you’re worth
You’re flustered and confused
You’ve been tricked into trusting
You don’t know what to do so you keep on running
Stop and smell the roses for once
Why spend all your time like this?
Think about what you’re doing
Stop and take a break
Desperate fools with fantasies of fool’s gold
That’s all you’ve ever been
You’re running through all your time
But have you ever asked why?
Have you ever paused to think
About how you’re spending your life?
Has it ever occurred to you
That the race might never end?
That the light at the end of the tunnel
Might not actually exist?
But no, ignore all I say
Surely they would not lie
All they want is to help you
To make sure you’re happy when you die
This is all you’ve ever known
And all you ever will
You’ve been blinded by false visions
But you think you can see
So keep on running frantically
You and the rest keep running
Keep chasing, you’re probably almost there
Keep looking for this dream that’s only a dream
Keep running; I’ll be at the end
And I won’t see you there

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