February 11, 2008
I couldn’t help but think as you passed along this way
That I was somehow looking in a mirror
And I know that it’s quite plain to see but I thought that I might say
Between you and I the resemblance couldn’t be clearer

In fact we are so alike that some might even say
That you and I are one and quite the same
But of course that can’t be possible in any thinkable way
We don’t share family, friends, or even a name

For if you are me and I am you and we add up to one
And what I thought was me is really you
Then alone and apart, separate, you and I make none
And to make a single of us there has to be two

And that would mean there’s more to us than me, to we than you
The differences are what make us the same
As a half of a whole, a broken piece, there’s not much you can do
But together we make one completed name

But forget everything that I say
Forget you even passed this way
Forget that you know me and I know you
For I will meet you another day
And repeat all the things I say
For I am only one in body
But in mind I am two

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