February 11, 2008
As the late blossoms of spring

rise from the ground
A young jay bird caws its first greeting
Air swirls,
brisk and clear
The sun, bronze at first light, shows upon the mountain
Wonder what the world will bring? What, with every new spring?

Spring folds into summer,
A deep heat settles into normalcy
The sun mid sky, hot and godlike
A hat and sunscreen,
the club goes a swing


Shouting the up coming lore
The young fawn grown to full size
The water crashes upon the shore,

Leaving wet sand

Where the waves have passed
The rocks of time look down upon them
Both eternal, both a forgotten past

The leaves fall from the heights of the trees
Green to splendid shades
Mature and beautiful,

deep and wise
Wrinkles placed on no longer rosy cheeks

Life has many joys
The once little fawn,

now has its own kin
The robins fly in their dance, towards the southern south

Winter, in all its jewels, settles upon the ground
The trees are bare,

showing all
The water covered with glass, the rocks cold as the many moons of Jupiter
Nothing but a giant blast could
close the gap that had opened

Happy bliss as the evergreen is forever green
Held in the hearts of all his family
as the smoke rises from the fireplace he built,
A lone owl hoots to itself as it flies downstream,
Across the river
Into the night
A feather drifts down

Landing on the approaching dawn

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