I Am From the Brick Dust Diamond

December 14, 2011
By , lilburn, GA
I am from the cruel mosquitos bites, backyard camping trips, and splashing creek walks.
I am from calm hours spent under the shade of magnificent magnolia trees, the big blue ?dwelling now engulfed by the woods, and the memory of picking plump peaches.
I am from the clear blue water of Nantucket pool where my fondest childhood memories of summer days were born.

I am from manhunt at midnight, wild nocturnal siblings, and the brick dust diamond.
I am from the rumble of the stands as the yellow sphere disappears into the sun beyond the fence, splendid slumber parties I wished would never end, and the crisp whispers of old weeping willows.
I am from those moments, a root that no one sees, but walks all over, an important part of the tree.

I am a superstar softball player, who dreams of playing in the professional league.
From the wild and crazy Mountain Park Park, where it all started.

I am from nights of silent shooting stars, atmosphere shaking fireworks, and sky shattering
lightning bolts.
I am from rich chocolate eclair cake thats melts on the tip of your tongue, the sweet smell of honey suckles surrounding my home, and double covered hash browns only found at Waffle House.
I am from the towering patches of monkey grass that protected my presence from the wandering children out to find me.

Etched forever in my mind, I remember the faint smell of hot dogs and moist morning grass still cloaked with dew. Dense air had settled around us all like a light blanket, putting the dome to sleep. Until the score was tied fourteen to fourteen. Ten-seconds left till it was all over. Georgia slowly took to the line of scrimmage, tension gleamed in their eyes. The once vivid red jerseys now meshed with the murky dull maroon color that stood as a trademark to the Arkansas Razorbacks, their bodies now drenched in sweat. Four yards was all the Dawgs needed. The ball then hiked to the quarterback, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, the clock still ticking. Finally, he sees it. The winning pass spirals perfectly, slicing through the wind. Into the air jumps the tight end and “WHAM!” down he comes in the end-zone, clenching close to his chest, their success. Georgia wins it all!

I am a drop of sunshine, spreading warmth to everyone I know, and shining light on their
darkest days.

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