I could...

December 14, 2011
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I could write all over the paper;
Take it in my hands;
Put it down next to my bed;
Re-read it later.
I could sing my song without sound,
In my heart, in my soul;
I could play it out loud.
I could put my hands up in the air;
Out of my pockets, raise them above,
And say life isn’t fair.
I could try to change myself;
Take what’s right and now it’s left.
I could fill it all, now, then;
I could feel the air of fall.
I could make you believe,
All of you, a few things that I know;
Then…I could leave.
I could also write my rhyme,
Without thinking most of the time;
I could show you how the story never ends;
People with imagination can write with bare hands.
I could do things that you wouldn’t dare
To think about; I would say that I don’t care;
I could just sing lyrics of the song;
Tell you that all of us are equally strong.
I could fight and fight,
As long as it doesn’t scare me, the darkness of the night;
I could rise with sun
And shine so bright till dawn.
I could do what everyone tries to do;
I could make all the lies come true;
I could do whatever I want
And no one would say – don’t.
I could smile when everyone would weep;
And when everyone is awake,
I could go to sleep.
I could do it all together;
Doesn’t matter, after all, in the end,
It will just get better.
I could…

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