Agitation at the Door of Calling

February 10, 2008
By Christina Fieni, Voorhees, NJ

Love in flight
What a great delight.
Fluttery and blissful happiness
Set smiles across stone.
In deep thought, dreaming of a fresh romance
Filled with new chances
And new flirtations.

Beckoning at the door
Waiting for a willing attendant.
Advancing in agitation,
As the heart pitter patters.
It is love, or rather waves anew.

Pace by pace, it sinks into the mind,
Turning clever lines into spits of words,
And words into jumbled rhymes.

Red glistens on the cheek.
Peering down, hoping to hide,
And yet hoping for him to see;
For him to return the favor,
Maybe a shy glance or easy greeting.
All need is limited to her heeding.

Catching the fluttering bug
Is not a choice, but rather a battle.
Fighting the debris
Clouding round all reason—all lesson.
Too hard to disregard,
And turn away blind and unaffected.
Altercations with the heart is a battle to be lost
For never is there one who could stand strong
Against the pang of a missing part,
And the yearning of a partner to share.

As the dim star came hither,
Palms glistened and tingled with sensation.
The heart—the eyes gave way
Opening to this chance,
A dance of emotion.
A moment spent in pure ecstasy.

A joy—to be in such thought.
A dream—to be in such presence.
Warm and gripping, their glance said it all.
A pleasant meeting,
A hopeful call.

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