Petals of Love

February 10, 2008
Its petals unfolded in sublime glory
She knew all too well they would fall in a hazy flurry

The rose’s blood red color
Sets it apart from all the other

Daintily curled petals
But its thorns were made of metal

You must be worthy
For her to love thee

Get through the metal that protects her heart
And your rewards would begin to start

It’ll start with the sweet smell of dew
Unlike the earthy smell of the yew

Her petals would brush thy fears away
For the serenity was meant to stay

However with the fading sun and the waning moon
All that was good came to an end all too soon

Her blood red petals shriveled and darkened
For the rose’s mistress harkened

The mistress of nature who loved all her creatures
Called the rose to her green pasture

Beauty could never last
For they fade into the past

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