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December 7, 2011
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Sprinting as fast as I can, away from those devilish wolves I drop all of my weapons and food so I can run faster. I’ve been running for twenty minutes now and I am so close to the lake. I smash through the trees and bear down on Katniss and Peeta. Katniss fires an arrow at me but with my body armor the projectile does no harm to me. I make a beeline for the Cornucopia it is the only safe place around here.

I can hear Peeta and yelling at Katniss “Go Katniss go”. There is no point for me to stop her from helping Peeta get up on the Cornucopia, from all that running I can’t do that much. Katniss is having a lot of trouble getting Peeta up and my breathing is going down. I can finally get up and I’m ready to strike, I grab Peeta and put him in a headlock. Katniss finally noticed I had Peeta in a headlock when she couldn’t find him. I laugh at Katniss and tell her “Shoot me and he goes down too”. I can tell by the look on her face that she knows I’m right.

Then, Peeta puts his hand in the gash in his leg and makes an X on my hand. I have no idea what he’s trying to do then I figure it out. That’s where he wants Katniss to shoot me. In an instant she loads and fires I pull my hand down and I grab his hand and put it where my hand was. I hear his cry of pain when the arrow flies threw his hand. He collapses and I kick him off the edge. In an instant the wolves drag his remains away. Once the wolves left Katniss bolted off into the woods. I felt it was time to sleep Katniss wouldn’t come out of hiding until a she was over the death of Peeta.

I wake up and the sounds of the mocking jays sound like crying they must have heard Katniss crying and they picked the sound up. She must be in the area. A giant rumbling noise begins to set in and something huge must be coming. At the corner of my eye I see it about 30 giant creatures going super fast. My first instinct is too run but I just remember I can climb up the cornucopia so I do. Then I see it Katniss running away from the beasts. She jumps in the lake and I don’t get the point of that then I remember animals can’t smell you if you’re in water. It looks like these things can smell you in the water and one of them charges at Katniss and she goes flying 50 yards. She gets up but she doesn’t look good another one hits her and she doesn’t get up the cannon fires and I know I have won!

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