4 Lines 4 5 People Who Defined Me

December 9, 2011
you've walked up and down and through me, far too many times,

tallied up your victories, my forearms hold the lines,

I'll carry this, I'll bury this, everything is mine

so you can claim indifference, and leave it all behind.

your knuckles and my cheek, well they became the best of friends,

why should a little boy have paid so dearly for your sins?

my head aches for your mistakes, time and time again,

your failure is my destiny, the best in me, the end.

you watched them do all the things that they had done

your apathy as they laughed at me burns hotter than the sun

because the path of me, it lead to you, but you knew you could run

and feigned instability when desperately I clung.

you were my watcher, my savior, my hope,

when I was on the brink of sinking, you'd throw me the rope

but when you had no more room on your boat,

you sailed away, when I needed you most.

But YOU? you weren't supposed to walk away,

through sun and rain, you swore, you'd stay

but the mask you wore, it tore away

I was your board, the game you'd play

and only you know the hate and the lies,

that burn in his heart, and his eyes

but they're your own, alone and wise

and cold as home, and home's goodbyes.

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Wildflower30 said...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 2:25 am
That was raw but perfectly organized. Sorrowful. Yeah, so much. Amazing.
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