January 29, 2008
The sheet of false lies concealing the truth beneath me is pulled
Revealing the real me
To all
Revealing all the sores on my heart from being bed ridden
And the cheating and lying that chained me here
Causing those sores
Your smell still lies upon your shirt
That I wear in spite of you
Lingers in my nose for hours at a time
As I continue to lay here
Smelling the smell
And picking those sores
I remember you
And me
I remember us
Your mind games still play tricks on me
And the telepathy we use
Is beginning to wear down
But I will continue to try
Until eternity ends and explodes
Never returning to anything it used to be
The shards of the Earth will pierce our hearts and souls
And as we bleed the last of our blood out of our veins
Into space we will fall
Never returning to each other
But the only fear that I have in all this irony
Is that I am predicting the past
That you and I have not been together
Not since then
And that you and I
Are only images I created long after it exploded in a fiery inferno
You my darling shall never again be mine
But I long to hold you like before

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