Let's Have a Seat.

November 15, 2011
By samanthanicole. BRONZE, Middleburg Hts., Ohio
samanthanicole. BRONZE, Middleburg Hts., Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
“What animal has made beauty, created it, save only we? With all our horrors and our faults, somewhere in us there is a shining. That is the most important fact of all facts. There is a shining.”

I've always hates sitting on a warm chair.

Lonely Chair,
No one has sat on you in years.

Lovely Chair,
There she is all sunshine and smiles.

Adventurous Chair,
I wonder what it would be like sitting on you while gazing over a mountaintop.

Chair in a Stadium,
How many bums sit on you in one day?

A Doll's Chair,
You're just as perfect, just as elegant, as the porcelain resting upon you.

Hopeful Chair,
Sit on me.
Sit on me.
Sit on me.

A Real Man's Chair,
I'm bulky,
Oh sorry,
I'm broken.

Child's Chair,
Giggle until the sun goes down.

Chair Upsidedown,
Does anything really exist?

Cushions on a Chair,
You mold me
Hug me
Hold me.

Rocking Chair,
You seem to obtain so many memories.

Chair by a Window,
She looks out and questions the world.

TV & Chair,
We go hand-in-hand.

Upsidedown on a Chair,
What is the difference between floor and ceiling?

What is a Chair?
If chairs were a figment of our imagination, where would all the butts go?

Standing on a Chair,

Rolling Chair,
I sit on you because I love to glide down hallways and act as if I'm five years old again.

Sleeping on a Chair,
I can never seem to find comfort when trying to dream.

Warm Chair,

Tense Chair,
He sits and waits for his inevitable end.

Nonchalant Chair,
Sit back.
Let your frenzied mind take a snooze.

Favorite Chair,
You knew my thoughts
Shhh, keep it a secret.
You're the only one I let touch me.

Moving Chair,
Your shrieks against the ground make my teeth grind.

Falling Chair,
Please don't break,
I need you.

Lighthearted Chair,
The weight of you is negative ten.

Chair Interrupted,
How rude!
You were talking.

Chair in a Theater,
Sticky arms,
Heads used as footrests,
Ripped seams,
You're perfect to me.

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