The Everlasting Name

February 2, 2008
By Bernabe Longoria, Cleburne, TX

This memory of you will not fade away,
because our long lost love is here to stay.
To stay in my heart where things are true,
here in my heart, until life is done and through

So im not holding you in my arms and you're not kissing my lips,
All hopes and dreams are forgotten, sailed off in sunken ships.
To be lost in time, and buried deep under sea,
with all pieces of treasure scattered of you and me.

Maybe im better off alone than in your heart,
And so all the fights and lies is what tore us apaart.
but i'll remain here knowing that you were the best,
that we both fell in love and forgot all the rest.

These memories won't leave me, as i see you in my sleep,
You're still so pretty, and my heart was all yours to keep.
Yes i miss you a lot, and it hurts to see you crying,
but please don't forget me, please don't leave me here dying.

For you have stolen my heart, and i don't want it back
the piece withheld in you is yours, to slowly fade to black.
or to keep it bright and warm, like the colors that paint the skies,
or to keep it honest and real, like the look of those beautiful eyes

I'll move on without you, and our lives will go onn,
but nothing will be the same, i must remember you're gone.
I won't forget your name, but try to erase that face...
It's beauty can't help me now,
as i quietly leave this place.

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