November 15, 2011
By DreamWarrior BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
DreamWarrior BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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Darling you are perfect
Your eyes are the perfect color as they meet the rays of the sun and glimmer
Darling you bring happiness and pain to me
I have a friend that says and I quote “The minute you wake up from a deep sleep and someones on your mind, their either your pain or happiness”
You are that face I see after a deep sleep
When I wake up I see your eyes staring at mine, holding eachothers hands, lip distance away with a smile on my face
You are funny, adventurous, friendly, sweet, a softy yet a little rough, creative, one of a kind, and most of all you are romantic
You are a creation of the angels
Darling why don’t you choose me instead of her
She can be the popular and sweet girl that has it all
But a perfect girl with a perfect guy is overated
But a perfect guy with a girl that is real not perfect is what people call soul mates
But you chose her so the universe is not on my side its on her side
Darling be my soul mate and prove the universe wrong

The author's comments:
My inspiration is my imagination and the people i love.

This poem is dedicated to my love.
He shall remain nameless and I shall refer
to him as darling.

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