Kiss me, Love me, Hold me tight!

November 18, 2011
By self-heroine14502 BRONZE, Kanab, Utah
self-heroine14502 BRONZE, Kanab, Utah
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"I'm not a girl, not yet a woman."
-Brittney Spears

All I want is for some one to hold me tight,

Arms wrapped around me through the night.

Someone to show me they are not the same,

That I am their way out of the game.

I struggle a LOT with sadness,

And over time it turns into utter madness.

My eyes are wide open and I have lost control,

Spinning in circles after I fell in this hole.

Its dark and cold and I feel numb,

So lost I cannot tell you where I’m from.

Every day starts to blur,

Its hard to focus when you’re the lure.

Put on a smile when you’re broken inside,

I only feel this because you have lied.

Detatched, lonely, and bitter you say,

Thats quite funny cause I feel the same way.

So dizzy from spinning,

and with no sign of winning.

You think that giving up is best,

but then you are a zombie just like the rest.

No where to run and no where to turn,

You look around and discover you’ve learned.

Not every boy will treat you right,

So flip the switch and bring forth your light.

Remember the times you danced and sang,

STOP beacuse here comes the pain.

Writhing, stinging, hopeless, and blank,

Getting worse with all the poisonn you’ve drank.

Surfacing from your sunken despair,

The pain never easing you from your secret lair.

You turn to the clock just to see the time,

To make sure that the two hands are almost in line.

Ticking, and tocking you begin to sway,

You remind yourself that they all ran away.

Your eyes begin to flutter and you start to wake,

You realize your body is cold like a lake.

Open your eyes wide and take a look,

Your bed is empty, Its just you and a book.

-November 18, 2011

The author's comments:
I wrote this to release emotion that has been buried for a VERY long time.

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