January 30, 2008
By Brelin Williams, Conway, SC

Losing someone
It hurts, I know
The pain can be immense
Beyond any comparison
We’ve all been there
Some more frequent than others
Those around you say
“It’s alright”
And “It’s okay”
They say it will stop hurting soon
But it never really does
It may be suppressed a little
But the pain still burns inside
Words won’t mend the wounds
Trying to move on only makes it worse
I’m there right now
I miss someone very dear to me
In a way that only the heart could explain
She’s very precise to me
And I can’t even see her
How do you think that makes me feel?
It hurts
It hurts badly
Everywhere I turn
I see something that reminds me
Of her
My heart bleeds inside
My vision is blurred by the tears
Lacing my eyes
She’s gone
And that’s all I can think about
All I can say
All I can read
Are those two simple words
And it hurts
It hurts badly

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