Gaze in Heaven's Eye.

December 7, 2011
The air was chilled, and the sky now clear.
Upward I gazed, and into heaven’s eye,
So white and pure, it lit the night well,
It was there, and in perfect harmony.
The eye stared down on humanity,
Scowling it’s many mistakes and fumbles,
Yet- She gazed down in joyous cel’bration
And spread her light and love through the crisp air,
Filling my heart with sweet compassion and
Filling my lungs with life’s righteous breath.
It is the Eye that watches me now, not
I watching her awe and wondrous glow.
I swim in her image, bathe in her songs,
And it is she that fills my empty void.
It is she that teaches me truth in lies.
This I see, for I gaze in Heaven’s eye.

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