Her Secret Smiles

January 30, 2008
By Kylie Gibbons, Moore, OK

There are times when she’s happy

Has not a care in the world

But she can also be sad,

Just wants to belong in this world

Sometimes she shouts,
Just screams out her views
But others she’s silent
Not wanting her feelings to earn another bruise
So she just drags out her most powerful weapon,
Her shield from the world,
Undetectable freedom from supposed concern,
A silent little mystery to keep away the burns,
Her trademark technique that everyone adores
Not guessing the reason it goes into place
Not knowing it’s used to hide her true face
It helps her trudge the many long miles
She’s smiling one of her secret smiles…

Joking and laughing is how,
She can sometimes be found
But others she’s crying,
Feeling tied up and bound
She can reach,
And cry out for help
But sometimes she locks the door
Trying to figure it all out herself
Her family and friends
All ask her what’s wrong
She doesn’t have a way to explain
It’s a feeling she gets, that drives her insane
She writes out her feelings, draws out her pain
But when she can’t quite shake it
She puts on her face,
So she doesn’t have people on her case
While she may be feeling vile,
And no one knows
She walks through the trial
Smiling one
Of her Secret Smiles

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