January 30, 2008
By Amanda Roach, Johnson City, TN

Staring out into space
Music blasting in my ears
Standing on the mountain top
Looking out at the dead world
Watching people go through their day
Just like robots acting as one
No spice, no laughter, just work
study, work, eat, sleep, clean
That's all they do, every day
How's the wife? The kids? That's good
Children go home and straight to their rooms
Blare the music, scream in agony
Cut your wrist, yell at your boyfriend
Destroy your things, break a glass
Get drunk, get stoned, have sex
Pray you don't get pregnant
Teenagers getting lost in the spiralling darkness
Taken advantage of, not able to live
Tears fall down the dirt streaked face
Hearts break, blood falls, you go insane
Violence, Death, Hatred is all we feel
No one lives, no one breathes
Who can? In the world we live in
Parents are strangers, monsters
No one is to be trusted, no one is to talk
Silence is expected, as is happiness
How could anyone be happy now?

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