Forget Me Not

January 30, 2008
Star of David,
Herded on trains
like Cows.
Given a number-
Not worth a Name.
Do what we tell you,
Eat what we give you,
Want for Freedom,
Die for lack of it.
Bodies Scattered,
Scarred with the hate of
Their crime-
The crime which held an
Entire Race of people in
Constant fear-
The "Solution"-
When it was all said and done,
People came out saying
"It never happened"
which is a rotten thing to say
I think they meant
"I don't understand
That could happen
So they obviously
A bunch of people away
And told us
Ghost Stories to make us
We've got all the evidence we need
To show those people that
"Hey this really did happen,
The Holocaust"
So stop saying we
Made it up.
No one planted flowers on the
Of the dead.
So instead,
I will scatter my own bouquet of flowers
for them.
And the flower I picked seems pretty reasonable.
For what needed to be said
and never could be,
The message they could not always
Give the world,
I give-
Forget me Not.

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