Never forgotten

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

A single bullet is all it took
For five sets of eyes to look
A lawn chair, blood, and pitch black
Was a one man attack
Tears poured from three girls' eyes
And all you did was lay there and die
There was never a so long, farewell or goodbye
The ambulance drove away in the middle of July
My dog lost her best friend that day
And the sky still remains grey
The police said there wasn't a lick of whiskey that remained
Sitting by a picture frame it all explained
It was flipped upside down
And i couldn't help but frown
Your wife's death was haunting you
And it was a pain you never outgrew
I now understand why it was so easy to take your own life
It was all for your loving wife
The trail you walked every day still remains
Along with the daily pains
So I guess what I am trying to say
Is I will never forget your silly ways
Three years has passed
And I truly hope you are having a blast

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