January 30, 2008
Heard you that cry? so loud that you could
hear it from a mile? the yell of someone
loving, and the crying of a child

did you see her arms were wrapped around in
an embrace? holding her child, tender and
mild tears running down her face

could you feel the hate and rage that came
from all the pain? and could you see her
hidden tears as she held him in the rain

can you see the unfairness of losing your
own kin? because you are not equal because
of the color of your skin

how would you feel if you had a child and
were told it wasnt yours, then had to watch
them be sold away like a product at a store

in a painful world that is so dark the
child her only light, then a decision to
take him from her makes days darker than
the night.

saw you the fire the hate and rage that
showed behind her eyes? and did you feel
the pain she felt that made her want to die

did you see her fall to her knees and look
up at the sky? seeing that she had so much
to say but all you hear . . . is why

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