Step Lightly

January 30, 2008
By Mollie Arute, Jackson, ME

So it is said upon other words to be chosen
Time was escaped if for only a few moments
Forbidden until death, makes time unwelcome
He will forever be her forsaken heaven sent

He doth hold her close and said it true
How cold be the knife she nestles in the back
Words lose their wit and charm, when left to ponder
He think in so crafty when he not be attacked

Trouble her waters
Trouble her faithful dreams
And play with such fire
That only you would dare ream

One day we will pass and dare you step lightly
Purgatory will come at not a fair hand
And time has proved not in your favor
Life reeks of havoc in this licit land

Your being has a presents, of forgotten pasts
And provoke the future as if there were to be one
Yet a grudge that be held with such firm beliefs
Can wither like a song which will never be sung

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