Sorry About That

January 30, 2008
By Filip Gibarac, Fort Collins, CO

Venice, the city of…
Well it’s definitely not the city of corruption
compulsion for corporations
owning nations
telling you don’t change the station
it’s definitely not the city of nonsense
filling your head
with non-stop false Lents
your becoming dense
but don’t give in
don’t jump that small white picket fence
onto the side of what you are not
decide whether to trust the robot
who’s telling you
what to do
chose your own life
make your own path

don’t take the road less traveled upon

take neither
don’t go home
but go thru the trees
seeing all the shapes of beauty
and colors
see the mothers in their chairs
with the gray in their hair
watching their daughters walk to the sun
and their sons to the stars
that are so far away
ask the robot how far
to the twinkling moon and back
try walking
hope you come back soon
just in time for Spring
Paris in the Spring
London in the fall
New York in the summer
and Venice
save Venice for last
Venice in the winter
what is there to see?
maybe the gondolas
or some volcanoes
Maybe Venice is the city of tourism
for God’s sake
don’t get Starbucks
take the homemade
enjoy this quintessential example of why to live
if you’re going to start traveling anywhere
start in
the city of tiny shops and cafés
and bookstore
with flowers for sale
the cobblestone boulevard that
leads to the Redstone house
on the corner
a car passes by
trotting along on all fours
leaving smoke in your face
take it all in
smell the rain feel the moisture of the sea

Mozilla Firefox!

“Is the sea close to Venice?”
The robot replies “As close as Mars is
to being landed upon by the first human”
The city of peace and serenity
The calm waves of the man-made rivers
lap against your thighs
A gondola rolls by
two lovers in a trance
not too much noise in these
secluded parts of town
go there
do not visit the main attractions
save them for the rainy days
for the better days
reserve the pars of town that
are outstanding without people
crowded in the masses
tiny streets and tiny rivers
whether dried up or functional
remember to bring your paints
and easel,
canvas can be bought
Don’t forget to fill your briefcase with anything but your presentation
as your first class flight leaves at 7:01 a.m
in December
Don’t forget to not look like a tourist, blend in
Don’t forget to visit me though, I am waiting
and Don’t forget to
wake up.

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