Violin Class

January 30, 2008
By Brandon Ospina, Greer, SC

A rampaging crowd of anxiety
Outside the door
Temptation running wild
To burst the door open and play through the wind
The antecedent class is over
The terrified children rush out
With an expression that would kill the mightiest people.

The teacher rushes out to do who knows what
The next class is finally in and all to hear is
“Click, click, click” or “zipppp, zipppp, zipppp”
Then the tremendously loud tone of a deadly monster appears
It is the tuning tone for all to hear
The room is louder than ever when the
Cellos start to tune.
If not perfect the teacher will turn to you
And let’s just determine that you won’t want to be you.

The master comes in and asserts in a terrifying voice
“Do Your Tonalizations!”
Then finally the most beautiful sound you will ever hear
A symphony playing in unison
All is calm and the masters are tranquil.

Then come the dreaded scales and rhythms
The room stirs up with sighs and groans
And the teacher says now it’s a quiz.
The class plays through and then the worst is through.

Finally we play a song we spend an eternity on each song
The sounds are beautiful, evil, frightening, and mellow
We end with a song that all can play
And then the rush is on to get out for the day
Everyone like animals jumps up and packs up
While the teacher yells “PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!”

This class of which many dread is actually the dream
Of the ones who want to succeed.
In this class room of learning many things can go wrong
But most of them can be fixed by the master
Who is the best of them all.

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