My Heart Broken Dream

January 30, 2008
By Taylor Stinnett, Burleson, TX

You hold me tight
And whisper in my ear
You tell me the things
That I want to hear

You tell me you love me
That you really care
You promise to me
That you’ll always be there

My heart takes your words
And truly does believe
You’ll stay by my side
And never leave

You fill me with hope
And unfreeze my heart
You make me believe
Love wont tear me apart

But you begin to fade
As I cry your name
I finally realize
Things can never be the same

I wake from my dream
Tears streaming down my face
I’m still thinking of you
The person I could never replace

It slowly comes back
Your last words to me
You said you mover on
And we could never be

I thought we could make it
I thought our love would last
But your love for me
Is now in the past

I have to do my best
And try to move on
Survive the night
Make it till dawn

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