January 30, 2008
By Jessica Daniels, Adell, WI

you always knew i thought you were the one
but you just didn't want me
i don't know what i have done
to deserve this

as i saw her rubbing her hands through your hair
you saw me look,
but not fast enough to notice that i was staring

what did i ever do to our friendship to deserve this?
is it what i said? -
"i love you".
there is not enough words or actions to explain my feelings -
that whole time I just didn't want to ruin our friendship

since you have a girlfriend now,
i should be able to move on
even if we were only friends
it's still not that easy
and nobody but God can re-mend this broken heart

memories of me and you will never be forgotten
talking, laughing, staying up late on those nights
they were oh so amazing -
but I guess you forgot about that.

although i do hope that everything works out for you and her,
i do also want you to realize,
that i'm still here -
even though you act like im just a shadow

i will do all i can to get a second chance,
to be in your arms again, hearing your soft voice,
having butterflies in my stomach;
having that chilling feeling down my spine

but if the time's too late
then you know what the answer will be
you put me threw so much,
that i can only do the same
for you to realize
what you have put me through all these years

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