December 12, 2011
By _Victoria BRONZE, Garner, North Carolina
_Victoria BRONZE, Garner, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Erase the words of ignorance, but embrace the words of wisdon" ~ Me ♥

Lust of the flesh will always remain

Ubiquitous spirits the world contains

Clever stunts the former cherub performs

Ignominious results the world will scorn

Fighting for control in nothing but pride

Emancipated minds, the wicked will chide

Reigning over The Creator is what he wants to do

Lucifer’s loathly acts in which he tries to pursue

Grasping things is hard for the common human being

Especially if they involve the 5 senses like we’re used to seeing

But the spirits of the world are transferred through every hole

An uncensored hole plants a seed into an innocent soul

Personal example, here’s how I know

A trustable cousin, at least I thought so

At 5 years old, I knew how to play

“Let’s play house” my cousin would always say

With her as the father, she always picked me to be the mother

While playing house, she wanted to privately slumber

To a clueless 5 year old that meant hyper-less sleep

But to my older cousin, it meant reenact something she had visually seeped

In the dark secluded closet, I lay in frequent silence

On top of me she layed interrupting the quiet with sexual guidance

The introduction to homosexual osculation at 5 years old

Snatched my innocence away leaving me alone in the cold

Comprehending ethics and prayer, I knew this wasn’t right

Not apprehending how spirits transfer I didn’t try to fight

Once we finished “playing house” I went back to my parents

Knowing that the awkward experience wasn’t something pleasant

Trapped in secrecy was the undesired osculation

Its private reoccurances was the formation of sexual molestation

After enough depression and visitation to my relative

My family’s prayers were answered and God became my sedative

If my cousin was censored to worldly pleasures

I wouldn’t have had to endure such an immoral endeavor

Now that the past is just a test of my name

When a sense becomes uncensored, I will simply proclaim

Soaked in love and euphoria

I am a protected child of God, my name is Victoria

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem the morning after my confession about this to my parents. God was truly dealing with me & I hope that someone else is blessed by it. That's my whole reason for sharing it.

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