The Hall

December 12, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a cold winters night just as the snow began to fall,
I stare out the window standing strong and tall.
Tears falling down my face i was ready to go,
At this point, i didn't really care whether or not anyone would ever know.
I wanted to be with my loved one and that was all.

I will never forget that dark depressing fall,
Seeing the love of my life laying breathless in our hall.
And down my cheeks once again my tears began to flow,
My life was over.

My will to go on descending from large to small,
As i took my nightly bath i began to bawl.
Staring at the horribly dreadful note,
With those heart breaking words my love once wrote.
I pulled the trigger as i stood in that same hall.
My life was over.

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