The Woods

December 12, 2011
By Skyrim2 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Skyrim2 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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It was almost midnight and the wind was blowing almost like it was trying to blow down the trees. We where in the middle of nowhere and our fire was crackling so loud you could hear it from in our tent’s hoeing the sun would shine soon.
When we woke up that morning we still saw the fire burning it is as if it were dancing in the rain on a hot cloudy day. We ate our squirrel that we caught in the trap packed up our tents and we were on our way. About an hour later we saw a cabin we started running to it.
We got there and knocked 2 times eventually someone opened the door. He told us to come inside when we walked in we saw that there were deer heads bear heads and much more we asked him why he had all this stuff and then turned around to see him the door was wide open and blood was in a huge puddle.
I ran into the hall to the right and saw the attic opened in and ran up quick enough to shut it there was a lock so I locked the door it was pitch black I looked around and saw a window. As I ran to the window I remembered that I forgot Jason and right then I heard him scream run and glass broke I jumped out the window and woke up it was a nightmare I had lived before.

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