January 30, 2008
By Sophia Hansen-Day, Seattle, WA

I am a lion, ready to pounce with no mercy, my opponents’ cries of help smothered.
I am fiery scarlet, my words incinerating those who lay in my path.
I am the French Revolution, rebellious against any authority suppressing my future.
I am Roma, ancient, passionate, impulsive, potent.
I am rage.
I am red-hot chili peppers scorching tongue and nose, tears of agony rolling down cheeks.
I am New Year’s eve, fireworks and pandemonium are my name.
I am gasoline, essential yet explosive.
I am a blazing inferno hungrily engulfing your dreams, sustained by your soul.
I am menacing storm clouds on the horizon willing to let all h*** loose.
You tremble as I streak across the sleeping sky to snatch you from your bed.
I’m not sure how you survive with me living by your side.

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