December 12, 2011
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Yesterday, Shakespeare wrote in an incomprehensible way,
John Dewey further organized the system of the national library,
And as the Titanic sank, all the passengers could do was pray.

Yesterday, prohibition made rebels out of the innocent,
Through Fireside Chats FDR’s messages were sent,
And the “convertible suit” for women was a new event.

Yesterday, Elvis Presley became the king of rock and roll,
Pop art was created by Andy Warhol,
And everyone wanted the popular doll that looked like a troll.

Yesterday, The Polar Express was written about a man, Santa was his name,
The Lion King was a cartoon that got all the fame,
And the Phillies won the World Series game.

Yesterday, history seems so far away,
Today, we pave the way,
And tomorrow will eventually be a yesterday.

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