Mixed Up Words

January 30, 2008
All you do is sit and watch the game,
In a yelling frenzy, towards the TV
When I see you, it all feels the same
I'm completely invisible
Why can't you see me?

Can't I sit and talk to you for a while?
Instead if hiding in my room and faking a smile

I watch you stumble towards me
Saying mixed up words,
becoming someone I don't want you to be
You're engulfed in your habit
You're always someone you're not

Just let her push us around
She criticizes every flaw she has found
You sit and watch darkness behind your eyelids
It seems like you're scared of her
Like you're always unsure, of what you should do

She's all you see when she's around
I'm just a mixed up kid you haven't found
You look at me, as if I'm a mystery
Like I'm someone lost in your history

I fall faster into your denial
I create more of my own secrets and lies
If you knew me, I'd be everything you despise
But, all I can find is that small room, where I always hide
The shelves and boxes filled with fake interests
All the real things are set aside

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