A Soldier's Christmas

December 12, 2011
By ShelbyLynn17 SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
ShelbyLynn17 SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

No one wants to spend Christmas alone
But that’s sometimes the case for a soldier
It can cause some people to lose their mind
The man cries as he puts his letter on the table
He only wishes for one special gift
And that’s nothing but to go home to his family

He stands for a moment remembering family,
Remembering the days he wasn’t so alone
He thought of his childhood, with his favorite gift
Ironically it was a little wooden soldier
He thought of the days, he’d play on the table
Using a great amount of imagination in his mind

What was he thinking, when he made up his mind
To join the marines and leave his family
Behind. With the draft letter on the table
His mother sat alone
Knowing his oldest was becoming a soldier
Accomplishment was her favorite gift

Although this was a scary gift
She knew she couldn’t change his mind
Her baby boy was now her baby soldier
She sent him off with a picture of the family
Not knowing he would end up so alone
After he left she cried at the table

Similar to the way he cried at his table
He held in his hand, his mothers gift
He tried and tried to not feel alone
He said it over again and again in his mind
“I’ll see you again, my family,
I’ll come home a proud soldier”

Just so you know, he loved being a soldier
He explained as he wrote his letter on the table
The letter was to everyone in his family
He apologized because it was his only gift
He lied and said that he didn’t mind
That he was spending Christmas alone

Loving his family was the greatest gift
Although he missed the toy soldier on the table
He understood he made up his mind to be alone

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