Disturbing Image

January 31, 2008
By amanda gresham, Cincinnati, OH

"I know she doesn't recognize me. I know it disgusts her to look at me everyday. I also know she's ashamed every time I choose to see her because every time she looks into my eyes it reminds us both of my mistakes. We don't talk to each other, mainly because we both have the same to say so nothing is resolved. Sometimes I put on an extra layer of make up hoping I'll appear different but she can see through it. She can feel my pain. She only cries when I cry. I can't blame her for hating me, I hate her for the exact same reasons. She knows it too. I can't get rid of her, I've tried but it only results in broken glass. I just hope one day we'll look at each other and know who I am because right now, neither of us have no idea."

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