In Space

December 12, 2011
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The brilliant stars
surround me in light
Even in the darkest of night,
As I lay beneath them
with the illusion of floating
in a sea of space.

I wonder what’s in space
is it really filled with stars?
Maybe they’re all floating
just big balls of light,
lighting the planets and people on them
in the dead of night.

Maybe the light is from something else in the night,
there are many things in space,
like planets and what surrounds them,
But are there really stars?
Could something else make that light?
Something else thats floating.

If stars are real are they really floating?
Could they be held by strings in the night?
Maybe you can’t see them because of the light,
but there are many things in space,
maybe stars
but what surounds them?

Are there more then just them?
are there other things floating
out there with the stars?
You can’t see much at night,
but out in space
there’s always light.

Space needs light
without light you wouldn’t see them,
without light there would only be space,
nothing floating
in the night
except maybe some stars.

Out in space there are many stars that give off light
We can see them best in the dark of night,
But are they floating alone in the sea of space?

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