Like All Good Dreams

January 31, 2008
By Mariah Jennings, Happy, TX

Out of the drizzle
He comes like the shadows
She looks up though the crystals
That has formed on her eyelashes
And sees that faint smile
On his all to stern face
Not a word is said
But what need is there to waste time on words
When your heart is in perfect accord
He leans down
And she closes her eyes
Trying to remember every detail, every last moment
Then like the slightest stroke of the masters brush
Their lips meet
She leans in to him wet
From the poring rain and her tiers
She smiles
Then he is gone
He has melted back into the shadows of their world
She stands there a moment longer
Knowing that when she opens her eyes
All of this will be gone
Like all good dreams

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