January 31, 2008
By Rachel Bishop, Orange City, FL

Purple snow like fairytales. Melt into this dusty wall. Paint me with the morning light. Fill my lungs with smoke. Hear my song, and the words that belong to me. Melodies that live with mermaids inside dreams. Excuse my lungs, broken and deadly they hide. Incased by a cage of countable sharpened bones. Birds are more content trapped than these organs. My smooth twisted legs scream every secret,
e v e r y s e c r e t t h a t I ’ v e n e v e r k e p t.

Sent my heart up in the sky, climbed atop that butterfly. Shy lust, choking on romance and champagne kisses. Whispers to your chest and blowing on your neck. Kiss me for the world to see, I’m ready. So tell me… are you? Nervous where i stand, still hiding from the shadows. I’ll sing for you tonight. But please look into my eyes. Tell me that I’m all your dreams; cause’ you know you're mine.

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