Children of the Night

December 11, 2011
By BrendanJC BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
BrendanJC BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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As the moon shines through the clouds on the shadowed world below,
It changes sidewalks to rivers long, with soft and silver glow.
And it is here, within the dark I sit beneath its gleam,
Among the shadows that it casts with forlorn yet gentle beam.

I sing out to ye lonely, ye forgotten and forlorn,
And to all ye of broken heart, the pieces scattered, ripped and torn.
I play for ye who've lost all hope and whose spirit has been broken,
And to all those time's tide has lost, whose names now go unspoken.

Ye who call the night your home, come sing out your lament,
'Till dawn's harsh light comes up once more, our illusions and dreams thus rent.
For only in night's shadows lie the phantoms of the past,
And in it's darkened boulevards your broken dreams cling fast.

Why is it we who love the night find peace in its embrace,
While all else born show scorn or fear, facing eternity and space?
It is because the dark brings back what has and could have been,
And the darkness thus reflects the sorrowed soul within.

The author's comments:
A piece I wrote for creative writing, inspired by my own walks around my neighborhood at night.

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