Stands For You

December 11, 2011
By Tess Kersten BRONZE, Boulder Creek, California
Tess Kersten BRONZE, Boulder Creek, California
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He is an Eagle
Everyone looks up to him
And is amused by his presence
He soars above
Looking for that something

She is standing tall
A Horse
With long flowing hair
Such as a mane
Her spirit is free
While her beliefs stand strong

She, a Black Panther
Curious at night
Adventure strikes her
With a frisky attitude
She is strong willed
And will do as she pleases

A Wolf
So loyal
Yet fierce
Passive in some ways
But stands her grounds
Gentle and kind
Loving and free

The author's comments:
This poem is an extended metaphor; I was inspired to write it because of my brilliant teacher's love for poetry. It is about a few of my friends and myself. It resembles the personalities that these people project.

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