Black Umbrella

January 31, 2008
By Zac Howard (Dr. Cube), Trenton, OH

Shield me from the daily humanity
Of Gods speaking to Gods
Of Leaders destroying Leaders
And take me to a region
Where I can remain untouchable

Oh, black umbrella

Protect me from the acid rain
That falls rapidly, differently,
People can't seem to focus on
How to fix each droplet
Let alone realise what is more important

Oh, black umbrella

Cover me from the Hellfire
Bullets that ring past my ears
Whilst my own eyes deceive me
For what is true and what is at fault
In a commanding society at the brink of downfall

Oh, black umbrella

Hide me from the abyss of responsibilities
Hold those in denial to their wisdom
Or so they thought to be so scientific and right
Show me that you and I are not alone under this
Ruin of shelters that once housed fortunate souls

Oh, black umbrella

You and I are one and the same
For together we can see the world
In the most true of forms
It's shape-shifting ways and ideas
Have never fooled us
For it is still the same Earth I once knew

Oh, black umbrella

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